Traffic and visitors adding to cart, but no purchases

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Hi everyone, I recently started a Shopify store - Nameless Fitness


I've had around 400 visitors come onto my website - mostly through Facebook campaigns listed here:

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Admittingly I've been in a testing phase - trying new copy, audiences and so on to see what works and what doesn't work. Of the 400 visitors, I've only had 6 visitors add an item to their cart, but none of these converted into sales.


I was wondering what the community thought of my stats - perhaps I'm being too impatient and I just need to do more campaign testing? Or is there something fundamentally wrong with my site?


Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @NamelessFitness


6 add to carts out of 400 visits from facebook ads isn't bad (1.3% add to cart rate).  You can expect 50%ish of your add to carts to not convert, leaving you with a conversion rate from FB traffic in the .6% range, which is decent for a smaller brand.  


Your site and branding look solid - the next big priority would be building out your product selection to more than 2-3 items per collection.  


If you're interested in other conversion tips, you can check out our guide here.  




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If it is possible, try to send them notification or mail that item in the cart with some exciting offer or anything which attracts them to purchase the thing which they already like and added in to cart to purchase it later. So give them a reason to shop!


hope this helps :)

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I would suggest to target for purchase instead of "Add to cart".

Thank you!
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