Traffic but no Sales.

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Visitors: Total 570   Unique 488

Added to Cart: 20            3.51% 

Reached Checkout: 9     1.58%

Purchased: 0 

I have Traffic, From Facebook and Instagram and SEO. 

I want to know why the visitors didn't make order, also I have google analytics and they a lot of products in the site. 

I am open to any feedback. thats my first store I launched it in 22/03/2017. I want to learn more about sales.


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That's very little traffic for a sale. Keep working on getting more targeted traffic and once you hit about 50k impressions then start analyzing deeper. 

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Hey Aiman, 

Not bad for a site that has only been open for 3 weeks! While Arfan is right, there are a lot of things you can begin implementing right now that can lead to success:


1. Refined your Abandoned Checkout Email: Go to Online Store > Notifications and customize your abandoned checkout email to make it as enticing as possible for someone to a) open and b) read and click back to your store.

2. Implement Facebook Retargeting: Run Product Catalog Sales ads on Facebook to retarget people that have added to the cart but have not yet purchased anything. This can be run cheaply for as little as $5/day and capture sales.


Let me know if you need anything else -