Traffic but no sales at all!

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Hi everyone, my store has been up for a week and it’s getting 600 sessions a day but 0 sales. Tell me, what am I doing wrong? 

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Traffic bot will get you no sales absolutely NO sales.

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Email marketing is the best way to get repeat customers and continuously drive sales. After all, the people on your email list are your most engaged customers. They’re the most likely to buy from you!
Start by collecting the email addresses from anyone who purchases a product. Then add a signup form on your site to capture any customers who aren’t quite ready to buy from you yet
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Hello @Leenh93 How are you doing?


Before you can expect sales in any ecommerce store, you must have a good source of traffic to your website. My question is, how are you getting your traffic? Is it through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google... or organically (maybe you have a strong SEO or backlink? You must have traffic coming to your store through genuine  source.

Are you getting ad to carts? If you are getting that, it means you  need to do proper follow up because you don't know if you are having issue with your checkout page without you knowing.

Sales  funel: In every website, there must be a conversion funnel or at least, a means of retargeting traffic. You don't have this in your store which will surly hinder your chance of converting more traffic.|


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Hi @Leenh93 -

I know having traffic but no sales can be super frustrating - and I don't mean to come off too critical or rude but the problems might have been your website design. (no offense) 

For example, let's take a look at your homepage's above the fold section. Everything above the fold helps your visitors decide whether your site is worth reading at all - and note that the longer users stay on your site, the higher the chances that they buy. I'd recommend you add these following elements in your Above the fold section: 

- A stronger Unique Value Proposition: What makes you different, why I need to buy your product, which problem your products solve

- Add rating stars right above the fold to increase trust and business credibility. 

- Add a better product image, consider using a slideshow to showcase more product images

Screenshot (61).png

A few other approaches you can use to keep visitors on your site longer: 

1. Use Pop-ups to give away free gift, discount code, or gift card. Give them a reason to come back or to consider buying from you. Learn how to creat gift card on Shopify here

2. The store design is not really good when it comes to conversion rate optimization. You can check out this superb guide from Hubspot: 

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Thank you very much for your feedback, I will definitely look into these recommendations and implement as much as possible!

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Some additional tips, that is easy & cheap to implement, but will give you better chances on making sales:

  • Every word counts. For example you have Free shipping on top of page: be more explanatory, if it is worldwide or only specific countries/ Regions
  • Make sure to link policies with text, what I mean is the same "Free shipping" - link text to Shipping policy. If customer is interested in your product, next question is about shipping costs
  • In prime location (your lamp image), explain in couple of word what you are selling
  • Every image on the Landing page should be "clickable" - link it to the product. Meaning, if customer clicks on the image you redirect customer to the product page. So this is what was mentioned as a sales funnel.
  • For product picture include "real life" image, for customers to understand about the size of the lamp.

Remember, you have to make seamless and easy flow for customer to make a purchase, starting from understanding without searching what you are selling, why are you better than other companies and direct customer to product page and cart.

Cheers & Good luck, Dace