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Hi. I'm a new guy here, so please, don't delete this post, because I can't find the right topic.

If you are interested in rising sales, I have an idea. You can try to start sales in other countries. For example in Russia. But the main problem is that there are only several percents of people in russian-speaking part of the Internet, who speaks English. At the same time Russian is one of the most-spoken languages in the Internet. 

So, as you could understand, I offer you to translate your web-site to Russian and to promote it in russian-speaking part of the Internet. But how could you do that?

I think everyone agrees, that translation services are pretty expensive nowadays. 

I offer you my services. I'm working as a translator and I'm tired from looking for a client each time I want earn some money. That's why I offer you a full language support of your web-site.


  1. Full translation of your web-site
  2. Advertising and promoting it in the russian-speaking part of the Internet
  3. Linguistic support in all cases, connected with the work of your shop (delivering, laws, client's feedback etc.)
  4. Linguistic support in any negotiations (with the state, with russian-speaking owners of shops, with bloggers etc.)

As you can see, I offer you all type of jobs connected with linguistics.

Who am I?

As I've said I work as a translator for several years. Russian is my native language. Feel free to ask me about my CV and examples of my previous translations. I can work also with German and Spanish languages. 

And now comes the most interesting part. I'm a new guy here and I understand that I need to become a well-known and to prove my skills.

I offer a free translation of a web-site and 1 month of free full linguistic support (advertising and promotion are not included) for first 10 web-site owners interested in it. 

As a pay for this job I ask you only for a recommendation letter, permission for adding your web-sites to my portfolio and references. 

If it sounds interesting for you, feel free to contact me via email, mentioned in my profile. 

P.s. I will place prices for my services in this topic after I finish first 10 orders.

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