Turning abandoning visitors into paying customers

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With 80% of web traffic leaving a site within 30 seconds and c.67% of online baskets being abandoned we have built and designed a clever bit of code that helps re-engage this traffic. 

In essence we/you place a clever bit of code onto your site and it produces an overlay screen (not pop up so cant be blocked by pop up blockers) that works across all media’s (Tablet, Mobile or Desktop).

The screen can be triggered via;


  • New Tab
  • On Close
  • Mouse Track


  • New Tab
  • Back Button


  • Back Button
  • New Tab
  • Touch Swipe
  • On Close

This clever bit of tech can re-activate leaving traffic by offering in the overlay screen;

  • Discount codes
  • Alternative relevant products (by tracking the products the consumer has already viewed)
  • Membership offer
  • Guides and Brochures
  • We can pre-populate the overlay screen with information already captured on the site and much, much more.
  • Capture data and send trigger emails on the back of the data capture
  • The system is paid for on a 2 month's rolling contract. 

For more information on how we can help you / your clients site please get in touch

Kind regards 


Scott Brown 


0208 6789 721