Tweetdeck, the social media tool only influencers know of

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The average marketers understanding of tweetdeck is very limited. Most individuals believe its a small platform where you add a few of your own accounts to make life easier on yourself in your quest to social growth. Well there is a whole different side to this that many people dont know of. Tweetdeck in the frame of reference I am reffering to is a marketers paradise. It is ran by an influenercer who recruits numerous other accounts into his/her deck. For instance my deck has 45 accounts ranging from 8k-50k followers each! I allow a certain number of stores a week to purchase access to this deck to help grow their business. Each store is allowed 1 rt per hour over all the accounts, which normally brings 9k-18k impressions per RT. This can bring alot of business and normally provides a very good ROI for the store. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 


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Hey there Standon23,

For quite a long time I had purchased into a 3M Follower + tweetdeck. Unfortunately, the deck had a strict rule against advertising products, and so forth. Have you been having success marketing your stores on decks? If so, let me know. I have experience with multiple different decks, and I am interested to hear what success has come from it on your end!