Two months in almost zero traffic every day

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Hi all,

I launched my store two months ago however it receives almost zero traffic each day unless I am running some sort of ad campaign or someone clicks through an external link.

I've done the whole keyword optimization thing on my website but there must be many areas where I am going wrong (due to lack of experience) that I simply need some guidance in.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to the game and marketing is something that has stumped me.

Thank you.

Shopify Partner
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Hey Charla,

I looked into your website and the first impression is really nice. Products also looks good. Now about Marketing, It needs consistent effort. You have optimized your website for keywords but all your competitors are also doing the same.

Let's take a different approach to reach more people.

i) Social Media is a place from where you can have descent traffic if you can build an audience.The best thing is you can do it yourself. Here are the steps:

  • Start with few social media. Facebook,Pinterest and Instagram are the best for your niche.Create complete and enticing profiles there. See how successful businesses optimize their profiles. Here's a free ebook to optimize your social profiles.

  • Build audience: You can reach your fan/followers any time with ease.You may have already invited your friends and family to like your pages, if not then do that first. Encourage your web site visitors to follow you on social media through exit intend popups or any other way. Promote your social media account any where (like on emails from your website, packaging of your produce ) possible. Run Facebook ads for Page Likes not website visits because once some one like your page you can reach her anytime.

  • Be consistent: The most common mistake people do on social media is being inconsistent. You need to reach regularly to your fan/followers. But it's very time consuming to create and publish no. of posts on different social media. To make it easy, use DIY social media tools like our's one .

  • Create Buzz: People are overloaded with content on social media. To create your own space create buzz among your followers. May it be short video (for example behind the scene videos works really wel), funny GIF's , special giveway for your followers or competition for a free shopping on your site.

ii) Now a days web is crowded with sites so the competition to rank higher is killer. You can not expect visibility in search engine by doing on-page SEO only. As per recent Google update two most important factors are.

  • Quality backlink: You need to build backlinks from high authorityand relevent websites. You will get lots of actionable resources on Backlinko blog. Here is one article which should help you . Remember backlink generation is a continious process but there is no way around to achieve higher search ranking.

  • Quality Content : As an ecommerce site your content is limited but you should fill the gap with your blog. Research your target audience (in your case it's new parents)  >>topic they are interested in>>  research long tail keywords (LTK) on this topic>> create quality posts optimized for those LTKs (not 400/500 words, at least 800-1200 words) >> promote those posts on social media and other various channels.

Hope this will help you for a head start :)


Natwar - Social Media Marketing for Shopify sellers
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Hi Natwar, 

Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate the detail that you have gone into. 

I have been posting to social media more regularly now as this is an area that I had neglected slightly whilst busy tweaking the website. 

I will be sure to follow your tips. 

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Use buzzbundle for more social media impact.

Also write press releases and submit accordingly. Place ads in craiglist and register in local business directories!