Typed My Product Into Google Shopping. Why won't it show?

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I'm hoping someone can answer this question better than Google can.

I'm running a shopping campaign and have products 100% of my products apparoved on merchants. When I type in my product - word for word - in the google shopping tab, it's not coming up. Why?

It was always my understanding that regardless of the CPC I set, it'll still come up. Is there a threshold I have to pass in CPC I set for it to even appear?

Google keywords suggeset $0.80 for my keywords. I put in $0.50. I'm curious if that's the reason. 

Any help or tips would be greatly apprecaited, as I'm at my wits end. 

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Hi Ully,

Normally it will a budget problem, however, it is difficult to say without looking at your campaign. If it suggest .80, that would normally be minimum for top page listing - with over this, the bid for the top places. Some companies may also have it set up to auto out-bid you too.

If you need a professional eye, email hellp@shopili.com

Hope that helps.



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Ully, refer to the impression share column of your shopping campaigns. This will tell you the percentage of searches that your products are eligible to receive and what they actually receive. If you're typing the exact product name, it is most likely a bidding issue. There are plenty of other things like targeting and device bidding that can affect it. Even total budget constraints. Getting into more advanced strategies that I use for my clients, you can setup a variety of shopping campaigns with negative keywords to shape your bids for particular searches. Stores rarely do this.

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