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Is there any way to track the traffic coming from one of my URL redirects in Shopify (or Google Analytics)?

I have created the redirects within shopify and and trying to see how many people came from a certain redirect.

I created it by going to Online Store > Navigation > URL Redirects > (the old path > redirect to)

Example, I created a print ad in a magazine and gave a specific URL luckytacklebox.com/X (old path) to take them to luckytacklebox.com (redirect to homepage).  I can see the traffic for the homepage, but I dont know how many people came through the old path: www.luckytacklebox.com/X

Was wondering if there was any way within Shopify (or any other method) to figure that out. Please help.


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The redirect is done on the server so only shopify can provide that information. And I don't think they do.

You could redirect indirectly via a urlshortner that does provide traffic stats. I think bit.ly does.

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