Unique Store with no Sales

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My store (americanaviationused avionics.com) was created because eBay limited the value of my inventory (used aircraft avionics and equipment) from 375K to 250K which only represents 431 items. Meaning a lot of my products on my eBay store were not being listed and subsequently were not being exposed to the buying public. Although the inventory that I have listed on eBay enjoys a satisfactory conversion percentage, the buyers are not crossing over to my Shopify site where I have 100% of my inventory (784 items) listed. On eBay, 96% of the hits come from within eBay, so my thinking is Shopify is just not well know to my customer base or the search engines aren't seeing my products listed on Shopify. I have created a huge data base of customers and every month I send an updated digital catalog of all my products to include my Shopify website link, but the traffic just isn't there. Although my question is: How can I get buyers that are searching for my unique products using "Model number and/or Part number" of a certain piece of aircraft avionics or equipment that I'm selling to my website?