Urban Outfitters/RVCA/Pacsun like brand - How to market the 14-30 males

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We are https://www.teesbyaidan.com/

We have talked to a considerable amount of people and they all say that they think are designs are fantastic. Obviously this is good. So we want to see from everyone on the forum what are the areas where we could improve. 

Addtionally, what channels should we be doubling down on, what are we missing in our current store, and what are some trends we should be aware of? 

Tees by Aidan is a high quality clothing retailer made by and for people who want to stand out. We sell a wide variety of casual apparel designed for young adults. All designs are made by graphic designer Aidan Toole. Tees by Aidan is based in Philadelphia. www.teesbyaidan.com