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Hello there

Wondering if anyone can help with this question.  We have built a reasonable email list in our business (c4,000) but would like to increase this substantially over the coming months.

To coincide with a new marketing campaign, we intend to run a competition with a prize that's relevant to our market.  We'll be advertising this through a variety of channels (social, some specialist press) but we'd like to give our existing email subscribers an incentive to share the details of the competition with their own contact list.

Ideally, people on our existing list would invite their contacts to enter the contest (providing us with their details in the process).  For each new entry our existing contacts generate, they would themselves be awarded an additional entry into the competition, thereby increasing their chances of success.

We're looking for a plugin or service that would help us generate the necessary unique codes to achieve this.  We currently use Campaign Monitor for emails and have looked at ReferalCandy and Kingsumo amongst others (the latter only available for Wordpress at present).

Any help or advice greatfully received.

Many thanks.

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Hi Paul  Leon from the community here.

One would use what you already have to send out the emails. Why cost and technical setup

If the current application could segment the list e.g. in to 4 / 4000 = 1000 based on an equally waited criteria then you could send a compelling and incentive email shot to test all different types of objectives bring over more people.

Here is a question to ask “new V existing”

Have you thought working with the existing customers first to generate more sales eg upsell?

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What I used to use for contests was It's easy to use, very affordable and has all the built in features you need such as getting extra "votes" for sharing, etc.

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Paul, you may want to try Swell:

From what you are describing, it could be the app you have been looking for.

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