Using Shopify with Amazon Platinum Keywords?

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My business just got promoted from Amazon "Bronze" Seller level to the "Platinum" Seller level.  This means we can utilize the Platinum Keywords option that Amazon offers for sellers on this tier.  

My question is this:  Since I add products to my Shopify site which are then connected to Amazon Seller Central, how do I add Platinum Keywords to my Shopify listings?  More specifically, how do I add them to the Shopify product feed templates I already made and uploaded?  I don't see a column for it in the Shopify template itself, so was wondering how to get this started.

I use the 3rd party app Shopping Feed from the Shopify App marketplace to sync my Shopify products to my Amazon Seller Central account.  Thing is, for "tagging", only the field values that I already included in the actual uploaded Shopify templates show up on Shopping Feed (size, SKU, title, SEO keywords, etc.) - I don't see an option to add the Platinum Keywords in AFTER the Shopify products have already been copied over to Amazon.

Any help or advice would be much welcome, thank you!

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Hi John,

Alex here, from the Shopify team. 

I think the first step will be to reach out to the support staff of Shopping Feed to find out of there's a way to automatically update all your products. The Developers are known for having a really great support team. You can reach them at or (920) 333-3488. 

Depending on the way in which the Platinum Key Word needs to be applied to the product, you might find the solution in Bulk Editing your product tags. If you're new to this, you can Learn More About Bulk Editing Here. After the Platinum Key Words Tags are added you may be able to resync your products to Amazon through the Shopping Feed app. 

If you end up chatting with the folks at Shopping Feed and you have any questions specificly related to the Shopify side of the Amazon integration, feel free to reach out to our Support Team for a one-on-one conversation.  


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