Using the Google Shopping App - Can't advertise in USA

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Hello everyone, I desperately need your help.

I'm a Canadian selling baby apparel as a Canadian business and using a Canadian bank account for my site. I installed the Google Shopping app to publish my products onto Google Merchants. It was a success. My goal is to now advertise to USA customers because I'm dropshipping and can only ship to them at this time. Here's my issues:

My feeds are empty. My products are just listed under "List" and are in CAD currency. The target country is Canada (even though In Google Adwords I target USA in my Ad Group.) I called Google and they said that my ads are showing to Canadians only, Canadians looking for baby products in the USA specifically. Weird, I know. 

On top of that, the Google rep said I don't need Feeds. Everything I learned about advertising and SEO for Google Shopping told me that's not true. The Google rep said to contact Shopify. Shopify told me to contact Google. I'm seriously stuck. I'm just trying to advertise in the USA on the Google Shopping page and I can't figure out how to do it.

I'm at my witts end and I'm hoping someone with some experince can point me in the right direction on what to do. 

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I don't mean to toot our own horn here, but we deal with these issues everyday - helping stores using the Google Shopping app and having endless troubles. We can help you fix this issue and list your products in any territory you want to - language and currency dependent.

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Hi Ully,

You cannot use the Google Shopping App to target multiple countries. If you have under 10 products, I suggest you setup your feed with Google Spreadsheets. If you have more, I suggest you sign up for DataFeedWatch and use that for all your feed management across all countries.

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