Want some free marketing help and a possible boost in sales?

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Hi Store Owners!

I'm a marketing nerd, and I'm giving away some no-risk marketing to relevant businesses (you'd pay per sale - if you don't get any sales, you don't pay anything). I'd take care of all of the marketing work for free, but your business does have to meet a few req's (listed below).

Why in the heck would I do that?
I'm experimenting with a new marketing channel that is working particularly well for some specific B2C businesses (it's generating an average of $8k revenue per campaign), but I have no idea how well it will work for other industries, and I'd like to test it. If you're interested in getting some free marketing, here's what you'd need:



1. You need to offer a product that would be interesting to the general public (ideally a younger audience - 20-30s). The best products for this method are $100 or less, but I may be able to work with more expensive offerings!

2. A Shopify or eCommerce store

3. That's it!

The catch: There's no guarantee you'll get any sales (it's a very experimental method), and you'd have to pay me a cut of the sales you get from the campaign (which we'd track using your analytics). That said, there isn't any risk on your end.

I'll be taking on 5 businesses max, and if you're interested, reply below or email me at casey@platowebdesign.com with:

- A short description of your store
- A product you have in mind

Thanks for your help, looking forward to hearing from you!