Want to change Title&Meta Description of a Tag Page

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Hi there!

Wondering how can I customize the title tag and Meta Description for a Tag Page..

Now, that tag page and the collection page share the title tag.
Collection page: https://shopmtn.eu/collections/doughty-engineering
Tag Page: https://shopmtn.eu/collections/doughty-engineering/clamp

But, I want the tag page has a unique title: Doughty Clamps - Best Entertainment Equipment - MTN Shop
Any simple way for doing that! Thanks a million=)

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Hi, Iky.

My name is Tira and I am a Shopify Guru here to help!

Editing the title and meta description of a specific tag of a collection (a filtered collection) cannot be done. This is because the tag is part of that collection, so changing the title of the collection would also change the title of the tag’s URL.

The filtered collection (with the tag) creates a canonical URL which helps to prevent duplicate pages from appearing on search engines. It is the root collection, so when the filtered page is scanned by Google, it gets referenced back to the main page of the collection. Check out our SEO for theme developers here for additional information on title and meta descriptions, and our SEO Overview here for more information about canonical URLs.

I am also curious to what the community will provide as workarounds!

Tira | Social Support Team | support@shopify.com
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Thanks Tira!

I understood very well! It’s so strange before that I saw both collection page and filtered collection page pop up on SERP... That’s why I got confused!

I just did it again! Only the collection page pops up! All set:)

Thanks again!