Wanting more visitors? Here are 7 ways to drive traffic to your store

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Hi there, 

I have been working with a lot of stores and building Shopify stores for a while now. Every always wants more traffic, which I completely understand!  

After sharing these ideas a lot with other store owners, I decided to put together 7 tips on how to increase traffic to your store.  They may be obvious - but if you are not doing all 7 then I think you are missing out!

The full article is here:  https://pixc.com/blog/increase-traffic-to-your-online-store/  - I also included a video!

As a quick summary:

1.  Use social media - but in ways you haven't thought. Get involved in the Facebook groups and forums - don't just post your products but engage with potential customers. Eg:  Mother groups, if you are selling products for kids.

2.  Make sure you have a capture form for email and build your email marketing list. You can use something like JustUno or AppSumo

3.  Send sample products to influencers. There are sites like Nichify or Bloglovin where you can influencers to promote your product.

4.  Get press a different way - don't do a traditional media release to journalists.. they receive them all the time! It's all about relationship building. They are on Twitter - so follow them, retweet them, engage with them. This way you will be top of mind when they are writing about something in your space.

5.  Create a blog -  Too many stores don't have a blog, or if they do, they just talk about their latest products.  Create a blog and make it your weekly goal to post something related to your product.  Eg:  Selling bikes? Share the best bike paths in the world.  Blogs take time to build, but they can't be replicated over night so it can become a competitive advantage.

6. Pinterest - So many people just pin their own products on Pinterest. Build boards that are inspiring for others to follow and ideally all this inspiring is on your website blog too so the links lead back to your site. 

7. Build a referral program - Reward people who talk about your product. Your existing customers can be your biggest fans.

I would love to know what other ideas you have tried, what has worked and what hasn't.  

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