We started a Display Ads campaign and it was a huge failure. Any idea where we went wrong?

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Would love to get some feedback here.

We sell dog food and targeted the ads accordingly to Dog Lovers, ages 25+, certain keywords related to our products and within the countries we trade in. 

Here are the designs we used:


We directed all clicks to our homepage, which we thought was the best idea as it reiterates our USP. We had A LOT of clicks, but around 90% bounce rate. The other 10% did not buy either.

I suspected that this form of advertising would not see many conversions as they are being displayed to people not actively looking to buy. But I was not expecting such a poor campaign.

Is there anything with our designs which may not have worked? Our landing page, or targeting?

Many thanks!

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There's many things that can actually fail when you launch a campaign, i just hope it was a $5 Facebook Ads testing, since you have to make testing on audiences and products to see what converts the best and you scale up and invest more money on the ads that are generating a positive ROI.

Another thing will be the word ''Free'' on the ad since the first thing people look on you ad was the word free and the word free results in a high bounce rate, even though you're not giving free stuff.

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I am zeenat and also running a shopify store for pet accessories. I have gone through your image and design looks good. May be you should narrow yor targeting or try to land them on product page rather than home page. A specific targeting for a specific product must be land on a specific page.

Alternatively try change the content of Ad copies. Ad copy content play a very good role in customer acquisitions. You can hire professional Ad copy writers from marketplaces like fiverr, contentmart etc

Good Luck

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Hi Tom,

Facebook advertising is a highly iterative process. To get it right, your target audience needs to be more specific. 
In this case, I would like to say that not all dog lovers have dogs. This could be costing you almost all of your campaign money. This can help you identify the right audience for you.
Moving on to the design aspect,in this particular niche, people who have dogs already have a favorite brand and are unlikely to buy unless they see a good deal. Also, the designs have a lot of text in them which is distracting. A nice picture would be far more engaging. If you club an engaging picture with a discount, that would be even better.
Also, your homepage which is also the landing page for your ads has an overwhelming amount of information. A highly directional landing page would be helpful. Instapage lets you create these supercool pages. We at Orangetwig use it very frequently.
You can also test by sending people to your top selling product.

Happy advertising :) 

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Hi Tom:

The design looks well, maybe you should test with another audience, or narrow your current audience by adding more interests and cross-interests (not only pet lovers but also dog lovers for example)



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Hey Tom,

Did you disabled ad display on mobile apps?

If not disable it, It will bring in 90% accidental clicks from gamers & so..

Hope that helps:)

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