Website views, traffic, but no sales

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Hey, this is my first post here.


I created the website. I am getting lots of views.

Average about 5-10 live visitors an hour.


I am posting video ads, and getting people to come to the website.

But, no one has bought anything yet.


I'm not sure what to do.

Should I change how it looks?
Is it not a good look?

Do I need different products to start with?


I have a location app on the store for people to change to their currency for a few countries.


Not sure what else I need or if I'm missing something.


Hi thtonepersonn,

I have skimmed your website. And I have several suggestions for your web:

- Change your Homepage design. You should make it become clear. You can google: best themes for Shopify pet store

- Change your favicon

- Do SEO Strategy. It is a great idea that you use video ads to boost your traffic firstly. You must research keywords, competitors,... to plan your SEO strategy. You can read our eCommerce SEO guide: 8 EASY steps of SHOPIFY SEO optimization to TOP 1

- Develop content bringing knowledge related to nursing pets, pet accessories,...

- Improve your customer trust by show certificates, product reviews of customers (some Shopify apps will help you).

In addition, there are many reasons why you don't have sales. You can review your price, product trend.


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Thank you!!!

Your home page has Title & Description but not fully optimized. You should do keyword research and optimize the website first.

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You can try to do SEO to attract traffic.

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If I look at the Shopify home page...

Since store launch

Your store is getting a lot of traffic

Your traffic is in the top 5% of stores that launched the same week as you. Every visitor is a potential customer. Great work!

Is the theme not a good look? Should I redesign it some more?

I could work on the SEO,

but that doesn't explain why no one has wanted to buy anything yet.


Maybe the amount of visitors isn't enough for sales or I targeted the wrong audience with the ads. 

But, people have liked the ads. 



First, you review you target audience of your ads campaigns. If your target is good, you must redesign your web to improve the conversation rate. 

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Thank you!!!

Hi @thtonepersonn

There are 02 common reasons why you get traffic but no sales: 

01. Your ads are targeting the wrong people so your website visitors are not your target customers. For example, if I want to sell Dog Food, but my ads are only shown to Dog Hater, and they simply visited my website out of curiosity - I'd not get any sales. I'd say you need to double-check your ads targeting and time on page. If the time on page is too low and bounce rate is too high, chances are the current visitors are not the target customers. 

02. Your product page design is not attractive enough for your visitors to take action - sorry no offense intended. Pet stores have been done to death - The number of pet stores is just too large compared to other niches - so if you're selling a similar product, with no added competitive edge, then it's hard to sell. 

I'd suggest you study your competitors - see what they have on their product pages - it can be Review or Testimonial sections to establish trust and credibility, or a Video to showcase your product better, or another incentive like Countdown timer. 

Let me know if my answer is of any help, with a thumb up and like. 


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