What KPI should I measure closely as a start up?

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I began to use Google Analytics to understand the traffic. I was advised to measure conversions with goals (The current conversion rate is 0.16%). I feel new e-commerce stores like mine should have a set of KPIs, slightly different from established companies. 


What were you focused on when reviewing Google analytics? 


thank you for answering my questions.



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For a startup, you want to trace behavior. Figure out which pages are being visited the most. Of course focus on conversion rate as well. You need to know what your customers are doing and where they’re going.

Key metrics like bounce rate and avg time on site are also super helpful. If you have a high bounce, you will want to review your homepage and think of ways to make it more conversion friendly and make sure you’re message as a brand is clear.

I would recommend posting a url to your store within the community and ask for feedback. People give great advice on here on how to improve your site. Tons of free knowledge.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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Per your request, I will leave store URL here,https://knitpal.com/.  I will appreciate your feedback in regards to KPI and improving low conversion rate. Thank you.

Your KPI is store sales and revenue in the end. Your conversion rate may be 0.16% now but your goal should be to improve that and learn how to convert more traffic. I worked on a Canadian yarn client a few years ago and it's a competitive field. I think you need to figure out if your store is selling yarn or selling clothes made of yarn. Right now it's a bit all over the place. You can still sell both but I think it needs to be presented in a clean and more organized way on your homepage. Little things like making sure all your product images are the same size go a long way to showing off a consistent and professional brand.

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