What actually is the Alt-Text app and how can it benefit my clothing brand

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Hi all, 

After reading tons of great reviews I decided to install the alt-text app. But just before I finished installing the app I had the realisation that I didnt actually know what it does, and the only reason I was installing it was because the reviews were good. In addition, installing the app means all previous work done in that field will be deleted, and as I didnt create the website Im not sure how much work had gone into that specific area. 

Would hugely appreciate if someone could sum up what the app does and whether it would be worth while to get for my store?

Thanks in advance! 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Matthew,

Tomas from the Shopify Guru team here!

The ALT Text app is a fast and straightforward way to update your images ALT text and maintain a unified format for your ALT text across all your products. It dynamically generates alternative text for all your products with a single click. Good ALT text for your product images can boost your SEO and the ALT text app even updates your ALT texts regularly if any changes are made to your store.

Using the ALT Text app would mean you would not have to concern yourself with the ALT text of your images as the app would automatically assign and update the text for them.

Hopefully, this description has helped your decision somewhat Tom,

Tomas W

Shopify Partner
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Hi Tomas,

this app seems to be discontinued.  Do you know of any good alternatives?  Thanks!