What am I doing wrong?

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My store has been open two weeks and was getting about 200-300 views per day but now it's barely getting 20! I have facebook ads and instagram ads which is where most of my traffic was coming from but now on my analytics it shows that they aren't bringing any traffic. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!!



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Hi Cristina,

Great line of stationary products.

It is very tempting to try ads to get quick results like clicks, few email subscribers, 1 or 2 sales here and there but they are highly unreliable at the same time.

I noticed that you don't have any Blog at your website. 

That's a Big mistake. Having a blog can help you target potential customers through Google who are searching for terms (Planners, Writing pads etc.) and are interested in buying them.

One huge downside to using ads is that they send you people who are not looking to buy. Ads are shoved in their faces, sometimes they click, sometimes they don't.

A better way to increase your conversions and sales is to collect the email addresses of your potential customers, warm them through a series of emails and then pitch them your products.

If you want any help, feel free to shoot me an email at rahulr3529@gmail.com

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Hi Christina, 

You have a beautiful website and absolutely lovely products. 

I think this drop is mostly because of ad fatigue. Most of your audience has already seen your ads.

Who are you running these ads to? Have you created this audience from scratch? For creating a new audience you should definitely look at Facebook’s audience insights. It’s very easy to use and you’ll get a wide range of audience. I’d suggest keep different audiences ready so that you can rotate them to avoid fatigue. 

In my experience of running ads for OrangeTwig, custom audiences work better than new audiences. I noticed that you are collecting emails. You can run an offer or a discount ad to these people. Upload this list of emails and create a custom audience for them. 

Another audience that you should definitely explore is website visitors. For this, you’ll need to place a pixel on your website. You can do this from your Shopify dashboard. This audience is targeted and has a much better chance of converting. This audience works best if there is constant traffic to your website. 

Use social media to drive traffic to your website. Social media continues to stay one of the best sources of referral traffic. As a busy seller, it's just not possible to to invest time in all social channels. I’d suggest that you pick one social channel and grow that. I feel Instagram is the best of the lot. Posts on Instagram get better engagement than any other channel. And visitors who come to website from Instagram are much less likely to bounce off than other sources of traffic. 

Good thing is that your products are very Instagram friendly. All you need to do is use the right hashtags and make your posts clickable. Use OrangeTwig’s Insta-Success toolkit for both: 

  • Get the right hashtags: the Hashtag research tool will help you get trending and related hashtags. 
  • Make your posts clickable: making posts clickable is essential for conversions. Check out how you can make your posts clickable: Clickable Posts

You can get started for FREE here. OrangeTwig 

And here are some articles that you should find useful: 

I hope this helps!

- Karan 

P.S - You can also ask your specific questions in Seller Success Facebook Group 



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Facebook a waste of money. Spent $5700 in 2015-2016 with no results. Run in free groups is the best bet. Pinterest is the best. without spending a dime 90% of my website sales come from Pinterest. Just pin to a free Business account. Paid pinterest my work but havnt tried yet.

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Congratulations on getting a lot of traffic from Instagram and Facebook ads, I unfortunately wasn't as successful with Facebook and Instagram, however, i have had success with google shopping ads, i advice you to play around with them. I made my first sale the first day of using google ads, after spending quite a lot of money on Facebook and Instagram ads. 

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I love your site. 

Are you doing Organic SEO? I personaly believe that it would help your site.  You need to find out your store SEO problems.  It is important to do on site and off site seo.....

Good luck

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Hi Cristina, 


Thank you for posting this in the forum! I am having the same issues with my website and I was questioning what I was doing wrong. Unfortunately, I can't even get a sale on mine. :(  I hope what everyone is commenting and suggesting works and I wish you all the best! 


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Thank you all of you guys . I am having the same difficulty getting the traffic and sales . 

I have tried facebook ads but even made one sale although I have been posting in buy aND sell groups and made 10 sale last month's but now I could hardly get 10 to 15 visiters daily which is not enough so ...


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Another thing to check is what percentage of your visitors are on mobile devices. It seems that your hamburger menu disappears on screen widths less than about 460px. So that would mean visitors on mobile have no way to navigate your site.

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IDK what to tell you about traffic, but when I looked @ a couple of products there was no copy attached to them.  Some words about why the product is great, what it's made from, how to use it, etc.  There was no complelling reason to buy aside from the looks of the offering - which is nice - but unfortunately, not enough to sell me.

For what it's worth...