What are your favorite Shopify apps ?

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Once you have your store ready, the next step I recommend is to decide which Shopify apps you can’t miss out on giving your store a boost. These are some of my favorite aspects I focus on:

  • Google Ads can be a very useful and beneficial tool for your business. It can also be somewhat difficult to use and time-consuming. A Google Ads and Shoping free app for Shopify is the perfect solution for this. With this app, you will create, automate and optimize your Google Ads campaigns, helping you find the right customers for your business. 
  • Customer loyalty is a key element when it comes to running a Shopify store since these are some of the fundamental pillars to achieve success. For this reason, you should pay attention to create a community with your customers. Take a look at Shopify apps to help you strengthen the relationship with your customer.
  • What about SEO? Shopify app store allows you to find some apps to optimize your SEO strategy. It is a fundamental aspect when creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy since it is what will allow us to increase visibility over our competitors, quality user traffic, conversion rate, and ROI. 

If you know any other app that could be useful to improve the performance of eCommerce, do not hesitate to share it.