What are your top 3 marketing must haves ?

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Hi Geoff

I would say seo keyword research is on the top of the list.  Any words you are using whether it is in paid advertising or free social media accounts starts with connecting with your potential customers.  

If you aren’t reaching them with the correct words then it is a lot of effort for nothing. 

Example :  


Water mats has 6600 search volume

Floating water mat has 2900 search volume 

If you structured your URL correctly you could target 9500 

So your search title would be Water Mats followed by your description using keywords like foam and water mats for sale (just a basic description, would probably use a wider variety of keywords)

Then this would add another 1070 search volume. 

So now you are at a total of: 10570 search volume on one page that uses good keywords in the title, description and URL

Your URL would be 88gear.com/collections/floatingwatermat

But there are Zero search results for leisure tubes and water mats which is what your URL is right now

Keywords should always be used properly in the URL

Hope this helps!



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Hey Guys,
Every marketing for your website should have good infogrphics.So the customers are able to have a shot look and get the decession easily. Product photos should be more clear and have the test of origianl product which you want to sell. 
Therefore, We must follow most of the photo content are clen and clear to present.

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1) SEO is truely best for all kind of products and services.

2) Another ever green and long lasting method is Content Marketing. Write content for your blogs/articles and share it on social networks.

3) Nowadays, video marketing is returning very good. If you have product/service which can be represented through videos then go for it.

There are lots of ways for marketing. I will suggest you to choose ways as per your products/services.

For ex If you are having fashion/life style products then Instagram Marketing will work best for you.this all are ultimate guidance of Digital marketing.


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What else can better serve you when it comes to marketing, i mean social media. You can use platforms like Twitter, facebook, instagram and even snap chat to direct target the desired audience. 
Then comes visual aids. Use videos to sell your new product concepts.

Learn SEO in the right way. The most powerful marketing tool. But to be master in SEO, you need to be patient and it requires time and effort then the magic will happen. 


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Your top 3 must-haves should be:

  • A Branding Identity

Your brand is the story that tells the world – and your customers – who you are.

  • Promotional Tools

Like business logo, business cards, website, profiles on social media handles.

  • A Social Network

To connect with your target audience and customers.


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The top three things marketing must have are-

  1. A content strategy for brand success.
  2. Voice of the company.
  3. Exposure to the media. 
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When it comes to marketing, there are many things that you must have by your side. Marketing is a tough game, and not everyone can rule in the marketing territory, but below mentioned are some of the qualities that you can possess and can survive in the marketing kingdom.

  • Patience - Patience is the key to marketing, and if you have the patience by your side, you dive deeply into the sea of marketing and catch fishes of profit.


  • Risk-Taking Ability - If you can take the risk, you can surely go for bigger targets in marketing.


  • Knowledge - Marketing is a field where every second is new, and you need to learn every second to get ahead in the race, and learning surely helps you get ahead all the time.

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So my top 3 Marketing assets what I use are:

  1. Social Media
  2. Email Marketing
  3. LinkedIn Marketing

In which likenIn marketing is the most usable marketing platform where LinkedIn marketing works like any other advertising method in a competitive market, allowing your ads to reach your target audience. You can control your budget by focusing on specific users. It's all ideal for what you see on other levels.