What are your top 3 marketing must haves ?

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I'm at the point where I have about half of my products loaded and I need to switch gears and start focusing on marketing . What works best for you ? 

Top 3 is all I'm looking for .  I would like to master those first then add more after that . 

Thanks much 



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Hey Geoff

  1. Instagram
  2. SEO
  3. shopify APPs

Can I ask you what template do you use?

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Right Now Its

1. SEO


3.Pinerest and FB are about =

I will probably more focus to

1. FB
​2. Google Shopping and AD Words

3. SEO or Instagram

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  1. You need a strong opt in generator/offer to collect email addresses
  2. Facebook Ads would allow you to target your niche
  3. Retargeting will allow you to continue marketing to visitors
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High Converting Website

SEO Strategy

As Jeremy mentioned - Opt in Generator WITH Social Liking

Close 4th - Social Media Strategy and properly managed channels

Trevor www.carlowseo.com
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Hi Geoff,

Marketing is everything... but a lot depends on what kinds of products you sell... it is kind of a big open ended question.  Not to say SEO isn't important... it is... so whenever you create your pages create them with clear titles and descriptions, etc... and it helps to use an SEO company to help create backlinks, unfortuantely there are a lot of terrible SEO companies out there.

These days social marketing is probably more important... checkout Pintrest, Polyvore and other social product sites.

#2... Focus on your business... everyone tries to do everything to save the most money, and that just doesn't work.  You should have compaines or Apps hannding, SEO, Facebook mgt, Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Product Mgt and so on.

Your top 3 should prbably be 

1) Google Shopping / Adwords

2) Social Media (FB, Instagram, Pinterest)

3) SEO

The majority of your traffic and sales will still come from Google Shopping / Adwords... it all just needs to be finely tuned. Depending on what you are selling, FB could generate a ton of sales, peticularly for trendy products.  SEO you can spend a lot of time on, and cost, and get little tangible results.

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  1. Instagram
  2. Blog
  3. Kickofflabs.com

Instagram is a given and having a blog is also a great source of traffic / brand reputation. But KickOffLabs was a great tool for me to caputre emails and launch a contest. 150 emails in 3 days captured... still counting.

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Email capture combined with email automation. I use Welcome Mat by Sumome for the former and Mailchimp for the latter. Facebook - create different ads and test, test, test. If you properly target your audience, this could be a very efficient way to get high quality traffic and conversions. SEO: little things matter. Your titles, meta desc, image alt tags. Same for pages and collections. It takes more effort upfront but pays dividends perpetually.
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I have two MUST HAVE tools that have made us over $10,000.


First is: Fishbowl Apps (https://apps.shopify.com/fishbowl-prizes)

This allows you to host a giveaway on a marketplace, a simple offering of a $50 prize over 7 days got us 2500 emails.


Second is: Rare.io (https://apps.shopify.com/rare-io)

This is free for us because we don't have 20,000 emails yet but it has a nice drag and drop email builder along with analytics of our customer base. It also sends each customer a different email showing the product they're most likely to purchase next arriving in their inbox when they're most likely to shop on your store.


The combination of the two is perfect, one gets you emails the other gets them to buy!

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For the folks who are advising Google AdWords, I'd like to know how long it took you to generate good sales from it..