What are your top 3 marketing must haves ?

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Best app must-have:


helps in generating 300% user content for me. Which in turned increased my overall sales conversion (:

it comes with the NPS module too, for anyone interested to track their customer service performance

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Hi - can someone please tell me what exactly is an "Opt in Generator WITH Social Liking"? CarlowSEO mentioned it. An example would also be very helpful.


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1) Most critical - A social media scheduling tool so I am not wasting hours doing this on my own. Often the challenge in this case is content creation, but the app OrangeTwig automatically creates content for you. 

2) Email tool like Mailchimp

3) Analytics tool to capture data and measure marketing effort, like Google Analytics

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1. Google Adwords / Search Ads - Hands down you cannot beat this. People are precisely searching for your product on Google search engine.

2. Search Engine Optimization - Similar to the Adwords but you are not paying per clicks anymore. 

3. Influencer Marketing - Helps builds trust and you get some great content out of it. 

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Try to create an ilusion for your potential customers by displaying your ads everywhere they go. Display them on their facebook, on web pages,... This is what retargeting is for.
When someone comes to your store, you track him all over the web and display him more and more of your ads. He will be under influence that you are actually a big company, selling loads and loads of products and he will WANT to buy from you.

And when he comes to your page, don't forget to give him the final push by showing him that you actually sell a lot of products. You can achieve this with a simple app which will show your latest sales in a form of a notification in your store. And the best thing is, that if you didn't have any sales yet, you can add them manually and display them all over the place :) It is amazing. Install it here apps.shopify.com/show-recent-orders 

It is really amazing what can be done with the right combination of marketing outside your web store and on your store.

Remember, even when somebody comes to your store, you still have to convince him to buy your products!

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If you’re looking for a free and effective marketing option, you should consider the Ads Exchange app (https://apps.shopify.com/ads).


Trust Seals with Reviews Generation - https://apps.shopify.com/trust

Conversion Checkout Timer - https://apps.shopify.com/conversion



Utilize Trust Seals with Reviews Generation to increase your sales conversions - https://apps.shopify.com/trust
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Most everyone who responds is going to recommend tactics like advertising and retargeting and social media and email marketing and SEO and what app to use.

But I'm asking you NOT to focus on those.


Because if you miss the most imprtant "must haves" then:

↳ You will spend thousands of dollars on ads and make few to no sales (seriously, just look through the forum posts of people who have spent thousands).

↳ You can amass tons of social followers and make few to no sales (seriously, just look through the forum posts of people who are in this spot).

↳ You can try to optimize your site for SEO and get decent traffic and make few to no sales (seriously, just look through the forum posts...).


See, most us in this ecommerce game are looking for the quick win, the quick sale. It's totally natural as we want and need to sell to make ends meet. So we focus on the tactics, thinking:

↳ If we optimize our site and get people there, they will buy.... But then we find out they won't.

↳ If we run ads on FB that target our demographic, they will see our product and want it.... And they don't.

↳ If we ask them to signup for our newsletter, they will give us their email for a 10% off coupon, right? ... They do, but then they unsub. :(


Here's the problem with focusing on the tactics...

The problem with this mindset and all of the advice being given is that it focuses on what YOU want: To make a sale.


To build a brand, to build something great, remember that customers do not want to be sold, but they do want to buy. They want to buy from a company that resonates with their values and needs.

In order to succeed and build a brand, there are 3 things you must have:

  1. Niche
  2. Story
  3. Trust

Niche - You NEED to define it.

Who is your target customer? Narrow it down. Narrow it down again. Now narrow it down some more. You want the smallest possible audience that is going to be your biggest supporters and rave about you.

For example, a narrow niche is to target the wakeboarders who live and breath wake boarding. They are out on the lake in a wet suite while everyone is still skiing on the slopes. They don't wait for the weekends, but instead are out on the water before work every morning.

Sounds like a pretty dedicated niche that is willing to spend lots of money. :)


Story - You can't start telling the story until you have your niche, so don't skip.

Use this free resource by Donald Miller: http://www.5minutemarketingmakeover.com/

And if you need inspiration, listen to as many episodes of the Building a Story Brand podcast by Donald Miller: http://buildingastorybrand.com/

No one does story better than Donald. No one.


Trust - Be relentless to build trust.

  • Get reviews. Ask every customer by email and by phone. Llook at how many "no star" reviews on your homepage. (I'd remove them from your homepage for the time being).
  • Call every customer and thank them for their order.
  • Call and/or email customers that abandon their cart. Be helpful. Find out if they had trouble. Ask them why they didn't follow through - close your mouth, listen, then thank them and hang up. Use the data to improve. (Side note, make sure you experiement with abandoned cart emails. With the default Shopify setup, I averaged 18% conversion. With MailChimp, I average almost 30%.)
  • Send thank you postcards to your customers
  • Provide value to your nice customer (following along with my niche example, value could be constant videos introducing tricks and how to achieve them.

Anything you can think of and do to show gratitude and build your niche. Do that.


Good luck!



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1. SEO

2. Blogging

3. Forums

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Hi Lisa, great that you actually do handcraft your jewllery! The photo you showed could be improved and I think that sells with photos!!


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Hi Geoff,

many people here mention Google Shopping, Google Adwords and social media like Facebook and others, but you shouldn't forget about power of many comparison shopping engines, selling channels, marketplaces and affiliate networks wich are available online. 

Regardless, if you want to promote your products with Google, Facebook or other channels, I would recommend to use our Data Feed Management service called Koongo. This "marketing must have" help you to easily connect to any of more than 500 channels.  

You can find more information under https://apps.shopify.com/koongo