What are your top 3 marketing must haves ?

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I checked out the rare.io but I don't understand your comment about pricing being free up to 20K? It starts at 25usd per month and for most people it'll be at least 39 per month? 


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getsitecontrol.com - I use it to capture emails.

Stamped.io - product review ad on that I use for reviews.


But in our case, most sales come from Amazon.

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When I was 23, I grew a 7 figure skate/surf/snow shop and the answer depends on which stage of growth you are in, what your budget is and what goals you are trying to accomplish.

We used an excellent low cost in-house marketing strategy that continued to deliver results for 3-5 years after. I've never seen it in any articles or mentioned anywhere online and I won't advertise it publicly. You can hire us to execute and train your staff, then maintain in-house.

If you already have traction and sales, reach out (hello@buckhorn.marketing, ask for Steve). I have a client offering a done for you solution that will bring you thousands of dollars in sales each month (almost immediately).

You only pay a 10% commission on the value delievered. You make $10 dollars for every dollar spent. This is a great rate of return and about two times higher than most solutions/marketers can provide.

This is going to be higher than anything you'll be ablet to do on your own... because you're not a marketer and you don't have the 20+ years of experience or the tools that pros use. If you want to scale your business faster, hire us.

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You asked about SEO and blogging...

Blogging multiple times per week used to be good advice, but we are in a transition. There's plenty of evidence that lots of short posts aren't providing the value Google is looking for. Why? Because these articles aren't being shared or linked to - that is the ultimate test of value in the eyes of Google.

But writing highly informative/thorough posts (think 10,000 words long type posts) rank for multiple keywords, get shared more, and rank higher. 

I highly recommend checking out Brian Dean's site at http://backlinko.com/ and on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/backlinko/videos particularly this video where he talks about getting traffic to your online store/ecommerce site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eAdV6FuHrs


Adding your keywords in headline, url, and first paragraph (as well as the title and meta tags) are good practice. 


About changing the focus of your site 5 weeks ago...

Changes in Google take about 8-12 weeks. A change in focus is a big change, so give it some time. Focus on what you can do by improving the content/product descriptions and URLs to make sure you've done everything you can.

Also, if you've changed URLs, then you really need to be setting up redirects from any old links.

Build & grow an ecommerce business that will help you reach your goals with my no bull, no hype, no pitch mini-guide: http://www.bobpotter.co/
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Instagram and Facebook are definitely the clear winners!



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SEO +  Local SEO - important to drive new customers and customers who are around you
Newsletter signups - important to drive both new and returning customers(5$ off on subscription)
FB pixel / Twitter - important to drive returning customers
Blogging - driving new traffic in (ecommerce sites become stale if no new information appears on them)
Google Analytics + URL Builder - track everything and find where you are making a huge dent in sales - knowing where to hit is 99% of the job
TEST TEST TEST! - you wont know what will work until you try it. Some tactics work only on specific stores.


Where to start?
I would recommend setting up the easiest tasks first - FB Pixel, Newsletter Signups, Google Analytics + URL Builder. You will get instant response on what is working, which customers return and buy from you, how to market to returning customers. 

SEO is a huge topic that is not simple to implement - this is something you work on in the meantime and learn from your mistakes. Pick up a SEO for dummies book and start working on it.

Never buy those "I WILL PUT YOU ON THE 1ST PAGE" services. The best they can do is blacklist your site with google because they made 10 different wordpress sites who link to you.

Good marketing companies cost big $$$ - and they are worth it. Hard part is finding a good one. 

Good marketing is always nullified with bad User Interface / User Experience. Test your site with 5-10 people who dont know anything about your site / you / ecommerce.

Get their honest opinion, let them explore your site and try to buy a product from you. You will get 1000x times more important information then how to market.

Within 3-5 clicks you must get to checkout page - can your site do that?


PS: one thing i can recommend right away is moving "Related Products" part down and moving "Buy" part of the Product Page to the right(left to right movement of the site is very important for conversion). Make Buy button bigger too. Try to minify vertical space so that it's easier for customer to see the product within a few seconds. You can shave down at least 70-100px right now in height. 



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Hi Lisa,

my site isn't SEO focused at all, but Google Adwords is costing me about 20c per click and 1/2 convert to sales averaging $40 per sale. Google ads literally made my business go crazy and I am currently sold out of all stock. It's been so cost effective for me. I wonder why it's so cheap and working well when we don't show up organically in google at all. 

Check out our site if you like :) 


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message pour lisa alden

pourriez vous m'aider pour instaler mon magasin svp? merci lisa

Bounthy au 0652260079

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Hi Lisa, I recieved your reply via email about google adwords but can't find it here. 

I actually don't know anything about google adwords so can't be of any assistance sorry. My ex-boyfriend was a digital marketing specialist and him and his friend created our google adwords for us and they were extremely good at what they do. 

Do you have a professional assisting you? Can definitely save you a lot of time and money if you get the right person on board. 

Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance xx

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I have wasted tons of money on google and bing adwords with zero sales return. I get about 2 to 3 emails a day from India with canned emails soliciting their services for SEO and website rewrites. Having a website is all about being found and having the best pricing for what the consumer wants, period. Getting to be next to impossible trying to compete with Amazon. Paying tons of money on apps and adwords is bad business when your products are not selling for whatever reason. After a while the tax man won't let you claim business losses anymore