What are your top 3 marketing must haves ?

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Geoff - nice site!

For marketing, start from top. Think as a customer - why should someone buy water sports gear from your shop and not elsewhere? What differentiates your shop from the Sports Chalets, Sports Authority, Big 5, and other big box stores? This is especally true if you're drop-shipping with MAP pricing.

Write your narrative starting with how you're different from everyone else. You have a lot of cool stuff. At least for most of them, try to write your own description rather than copying the manufacturer's. And add your own SEO optimized lifestyle photos to the stock manufacturer product photos. Always be thinking organic SEO!



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I added Tumblr .  Still new to it so I'll have to spend some time and see what it produces for me.

Doesn't look like the traffic is as high on there compared to Instagram and other.

Can you explain the HTML keywork backlinks?  Very lost when it comes to that stuff.

Thanks again for the feedback and help

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I had another question for everyone and I know its vague . 

What is your tipical daily traffic like and what are your top referals ?

I have about 10-20 visitors daily with no advertising. 

2-5 search

5-8 direct

2-4 referal

Its Very low in my eyes but I'm also very new so maybe thats the norm.


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Geoff - if you have 20 visitors a day - you need to capture, convert and amplify each one of those leads.

Your top 3 should be:

1- Implement a solid workflow in place: whether you are advertising on social media or blogs or google - you are wasting money if you are trying to simply focus on conversions.

2- Website captures (have a specific incentive for every visitor, so they can engage and leave you their email, number and other details) - Develope a database with this info, and use it to grow organically by focusing on shares and referrals.

3- Implement a technology that can help you track, measure, analyze, and re-invest with precision. You should have every dollar accounted for, and what it produces for your firm. 

Take a look at how a recent client grew from $5000 a month to $70,000+ a month (we started in Oct.)

I will be happy to do a quick, one-on-one, to see if our growth strategies may work for your store... get in touch with me at: www.socialmediamasters.biz

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Definitely user-generated contents will be good for marketing. Having a awesome review, especially if made by a influencer, can increase your sales more than ever imagined,

Shopify's Product Reviews app (free)


Shopify's Product Reviews Addon


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1) Instagram- garner great traffic from an active younger demo that is socially savvy and ready to share your stuff.

2) Pinterest- we regularly get orders from Pinterest traffic. All we did was sync our Shopify Store to Pinterest through the Shopify Admin

3) Scope.LA - this is a free app in the Shopify App Marketplace. It lets you feed all of your social media and user generated content into one display that you can embed on your shopify store. So all of the great pics you have on instagram, or the shoutouts you are getting on twitter, you can now show that stuff to customers and traffic on your own website. The app also lets you tag all of the posts, making it shoppable, so you can direct all that traffic right to the product pages = increase conversions. You can get the app here: https://apps.shopify.com/scope-la-1


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Great info. However I added the fishbowl app a few days ago and created a £30 prize giveaway to spend in our shop. I was hoping to attract more visitors and potentially get more sales. After 2.5 days I have had 98 enteries into my prize draw but looking at my anylitics only 1 out of the entrants have visited the shop. I was thinking maybe these people are just spammers or entering all the prize draws and selling off the prizes. Also it seems you have to pay for the email lists (only getting the first 250 for free). I will see how it pans out but its not looking too good. 

Let me know what you think of fishbowl?


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I am new to Instagram (www.instagram.com/southwestjewelry).  We design and handcraft custom Jewelry.  I have just started posting photos.  What is a bot, and how do you implement it?  Thank you.

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If you are very seriouse about marketing your online base business. A great marketing tool can certainly

help take your business to the next level

1. Mention for all business, customers are the ones who make them grow, with mention your able to track

brand name and key phrases.

2. Oktopost is a social media tool which help you manage your business through social media. You can manage your conversations, share your content and also measure the effectiveness of your campaign much more easily.

3. Tropical, You can consolidate all your coustomers data in to one place. Focussed on app data centralisation, all those app contents profitable data for your company. You will send more personalized emails, promote special offers to the right people, offer a better customer service and increase revenue. Thank you.

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Really think your best bet to get started is Google shopping.

Your products can even work in some native ad platforms.

Also, newsletters are very important. You need to capture every visitors email address and send them newsletters with discounts.

Let me know if you need help getting started.