What do we NEED in our Shopify store? Not getting many sales :(

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We have not been in business for long, but our sales have been slowly increasing by the use of Social Media and Facebook Ads. Facebook has brought us tons of website visitors but the purchases seem to be slowing down from our ads. Can someone please give us as much feedback as possible on our website so that we can better the look and feel of it? We have a developer that is starting to make changes, but without feedback from customers we can only make assumptions as to what the major issues of the site are.  Let us know what would make you WANT to purchase a bracelet from us, what turns you off about the site, what you think it's missing and what would possibly make you trust us more as a company? Any feedback would be helpful guys! Thank you so much

Website: www.TheStonesJewelry.com

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Hi Vantage,

I have visited your site, its good enough. In my opinion, if you want to make changes to your site, you should gain feedbacks from your customers/visitors. Like you said you already have customers and tons of visitors, why don't you start with them. By tracking your site you will know what products they viewed a lot without orders, the information they interested the most, the keywords they used to search, which campaigns bring the most visitors etc. From such information, you can optimize your content on your site and also understand your customer's needs all help you more easily convert them into sales.

Furthermore, if your conversion rate is low, you can measure it, then you will know where you drop your customers and improve it. It seems to me you have to identify your problems but base on your customer's needs.

Hope it helps :)

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Hey there,

I love the products you're selling and the images are really good. Here's a few suggestions:

  • Make your images smaller. The site is a little slow to load, plus the images take up a lot of space on the screen
  • Add a favicon so your logo shows up in browser tabs
  • Add an About Us page. It helps you look more genuine 
  • The images sizes on this page are inconsistent. You'll need to make sure the images are the same size. https://thestonesjewelry.com/collections/all
  • I'm personally not a fan of the "someone just purchased X item" on the bottom left
  • Try moving the Shop Now text on your main banner image to the center. I didn't even notice it on the far right 
  • Your Facebook link in your footer doesn't work
  • FB ads are good for bringing in traffic, but you have to make sure you're targeting the right audience. Check out apps like Pollen (https://apps.shopify.com/poln) that help you with both prospecting and retargeting ads
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Hi Vantage,

Glad to hear you're gaining more and more traffic! Speking to Facebook specifically, when FB ads aren't converting you're generally missing something in the ad design (campaign flow, vague targeting, poor pixel feedback, etc.).

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I had a look at your website and you've got a great collection. I don't wear bracelets as such, but even I loved the look of your bracelets. 

Now since you mentioned that you are in the process of re-working your website, here are my suggestions:

- The second image in the carousel on your home page, is very blown out. The bracelet is not the focus of this image. Use a more focussed image.


- About us page: An about us page tells a user who you are and why they should buy from you. It builds trust. Here are some tips on writing one: How to write a Brilliant About Us page

- Why shop the stones: I think whatever you've mentioned here pretty much covers everything. But I do think that you should change the sequence a bit. The first point shouldn't be 'Free Shipping'. Put the points about quality first, size next and then free shipping and return. 

- Product description: your descriptions really sell your bracelets and that's fantastic. But can you either change the font weight or the color combination of the font and background? It's not easy to skim through. 

- Placement of the pop-up: right now, the sign up pop up covers the 'My Cart' icon. Because of this pop-up, a buyer won't be able to see the number of items in her cart. You should change the position of this. 

Rest everything looks great on your website :)

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I hope this helps you. 

- Karan 

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