What do you guys think of mom blogs?

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I know mom blogs are everywhere..but it seems like a major time suck without the reward...thoughts on how to promote my site? Thanks!
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What a great product! Think about a mom blog with an educational spin. Your product personalizes children's learning and makes it more meaningful. Parents and teachers will love it. Blogs are never an investment without a reward unless you neglect it. Just make a quick post twice a week, include photos, make it topical and not always about your product. Think about reaching out to teachers in your community, get a few testimonials on how the product works, do a video review from a kid's point of view. Lots of things you can do! Good Luck!
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There are a lot of mommy bloggers out there. If I were you I would approach the blogs you like and see if they would do a product review/giveaway. Mommy blogs love doing those, just pick your blogs wisely. I blog a little bit just to have some content on my site. I don't have the time or energy to dedicate to blogging for it to be a big traffic driver.
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Our store loves mom bloggers! We just launched a few days ago, and are working out the details of a very productive bi-directional opportunity along the lines being stated here in this thread. Our store is trying to provide increased access to high quality developmental play product for exceptional children, and their families. Keep the ideas coming, and thanks for sharing! www.exceptionalplay.com
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Custom tailor your Mom blog to s specific audience and market if you want to stand out and draw traffic in. Define it, refine it.