What is Your Real Average Visitors per Day or Month ? and What is your conversion rate ?

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I'd like to know what other Shopify stores are getting in terms of traffic, for my part, there is practically no traffic, 60 a day at best without PPC or ads, I feel Organic traffic is simply not there for my store, or Shopify as a whole, I'd love if other stores shared they true organic traffic here to compare, I am puzzled, the store has been open for almost 2 years now and still nothing, zero conversion, obviously out of 50 2% is zero sales.

Please I appreciate recommandations and advices, but trust me, there isn't a single stone I haven't turned. Content, Blog, Product Description, SEO, social media, Coupons, Affiliates, Sharing, Pinterest, Alexa, Ranking, Back links, trust, loyalty, etc etc.... right now I'm more on the curse theory lol, yes that bad, I only need about a steady 100 to 300 a day to get at least 1 or 2 sales a day, which would allow a real increase in inventory, brands and advertising, so the simple question is :

What are you getting in terms of organic traffic ? and what is your conversion rate so far ?


Thanks for Sharing.

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Hi Younes,

Forget about coupons, affiliates, etc.

Every successful ecommerce site gets the vast majority of traffic from search engines, aka SEO.

SEO isn't that difficult if you do things right, except that it requires time to get results.

I took a quick look at your site and noticed that there are some problems.

For example, if you check your site with Majestic SEO you will notice a really bad trust flow value. This is not good and means that you should focus more on link building and getting authority links from relevant sites (and also check your link profile for bad spammy links).





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I spoke with Tej Raghurama from ZapStitch, one of the top apps in the Shopify app store, about 5 things you can do within the next couple weeks to get your first 100 sales: http://shopifymasters.org/5-ways-to-make-your-first-100-sales-in-shopify?utm_source=shopify_forum

"My store generates the sales I need to finally live the life I want all while I sleep" TrafficAndSales.com
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I was typing up a long response but I accidentally pressed the back button but anyway to summarize what I was going to say:


I looked into your backlink profile and I think one of your problems with seo is you're not targetting easy to mid-difficulty long tail keywords as anchor texts. Also your backlinks aren't strong enough. Try getting high PR backlinks with contextual long tail keywords as anchor texts and within a couple of weeks you'll get your first sale. 


Also i dunno if you're dropshipping or keeping stock of inventory, but if you're keeping stock then your profit margin should be higher in which case you should consider selling on ebay or amazon. They take about 10-15% commission per sale but its worth it for the free traffic especially if you're shipping orders yourself. 


Good luck!

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Hi Danny

Thank you for your comments, we do sell on a Canadian marketplace, marketplaces don't bring in any traffic, sales yes but clients remain faithful to the marketplace, they rarely switch to the direct supplier, also we have licenses to safeguard as we are an authorized online retailer, I ll work on the titles ( the 3rd time I would be redoing them, I also tested special product description to try and see if that made any difference, nothing so far, shopify pages seem to rank quickly high on Google, but products are no where near, I am also trying to build more important back-links, it's not easy to do with a low budget.

let me know if you spot anything, love to know what else can be done.

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Hello Younes,

I know your post is 5 months outdated but I would like to react as I am very disappointed by the answers you got. Reading them, I want to highlight the following:

1) Everybody always come back with SEO improvement, using specific SEO Tools...

2) Nobody answered your questions

To these two points, I would like to answer the following:

1) To all guys always coming back with their fancy amazing reports from SEO optimization, please run your tools on top-notch wesbite such as www.amazon.com or www.ebay.com ... You will be surprised how bad they score... So SEO optimization is very important, but getting a 100% score is not something necessary and the real question is how to invest the best your time and your money. What is a certitude is that the most profitable websites are far away from being 100% SEO perfect. Also to these Genius of SEO... Show me your website... and let's run the same tests...

2) You want data? I am running my shop since 10 months. it is in french, www.mylittledesire.fr and www.mylittledesire.com Please find below the detailed statistics:

# Visit per day in average: From 25 to 40

# Visits from October 1st 2014 until December 24rd 2014: 3.148

# Average pages per session: 6.28

# Average time per session: 3min 48sec

Bouce rate: 34,12%

Outside SEO optimization, I will tell you below what I felt as the most impact on my own shop to get more or better quality traffic

1) Free-shipping -> this lead to the highest increase of sales

2) Responsive Design (Bounce rate went down from 50% to 30%) & Color in harmony with my business

3) Updating the content on weekly basis through adding new products and writing a blog

My next step is to invest more time in social media promotion but from another experience, it won't get me to reach a 1000 visitors per day.

So the question is rather philosophical, does small online retail businesses really have a chance with a small investment to compete with large existing players or with new entrants with a massive investment?

On that one, I don't really have a final answer, but I fear that unfortunately, what would be the interest of a client to buy on a small online retailer? Price, Logistic... really? Service? I don't think online customer care about a state of the art service, otherwise they would buy offline...

The point is that as offline retailer, we should associate ourselves, create a community which get more power of voice by bundling our offers on a same website... At least it could be a first step... Or negotiate together in one voice payment fees, logistic fees, etc... 

Looking forward for counter-example with guys having great statistics or with people have some opinions on my vision





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Hi Tchusss

Thanks so much for your detailed answer. there is no debate here on whether we are looking to beat the big monsters, we just want a share of the market, an update from past, I had some funky great looking template for the site, top notch, replaced it with a more simple but efficient one enabling customers to filter products easily. conversion did improve, not the level I want. in terms of sales just looking for a steady amount daily, 5 sales steady a day is not much, yet not there, very random, I get an average of 150 visitors a day, I noticed the day it passes 200 or 300 there is at least 5 sales, so I strongly believe the traffic is the problem, you need to go over 300 or 400 a day to get a steady daily conversion, without it, nothing happens. also trying to optimize our ppc and retargeting campaigns

Thanks for Sharing

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Quentin nailed it with this analytical answer. I hope you got neat insights from the discussion as well. To add, here I have collated  4 things you can do today to increase traffic - these are proven ways from some top Shopify stores:

1. Send free product samples to influencers
2. List your products on 'price comparison' websites
3. Participate in forum discussions
4. Submit your website to StumbleUpon

I have shared steps and actionable insights in the blog post detailing all of the above. Hope it helps. 

 Hope it helps.

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Hello to all of you,

For sure the target is not to win the monster of the market but win a piece of the pie. That's is not at all easy and you have to work hard if you like to win a little respect of online customers.
For me the first 4 months it was zero sales and after very hard work i start win my first sales.

My products is craft jewelry in market of Greece (big crisis) and the website is the www.vraxioli.com.

Statistics after 12 months with no includes ads and social traffic:

# Visit per day in average: From 80 to 100

# Average pages per session: 5.02

# Average time per session: 3min 27sec

# Bouce rate: 52.34%

That is some things which work for me

  1. Create a block
  2. Order minimum total price. I tested to find the best for me. From 10euro  to 8 increase 20% the sales.
  3. Responsive theam with simple interface
  4. Easy process to complete the order, even no registered user can buy.

I think 500 users per day is a good traffic for "no brand" retail eshop and is the next big target!

Looking forward for more statistics from other shop owners!

Hope it helps.