What's Going On??? Please Help-Google Ads Conversion Tracking Not Working While Google Analytics Is.

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All, can't figure out why Google Analytics is tracking transaction conversions for Google Ad Campaigns while the Google Ads Campaigns themselves aren't logging transaction conversions. Below are two screenshots taken from the same time window showing the discrepancy.


Google Analytics 

Conversion/transaction Marked for +3D +Floor +PlansConversion/transaction Marked for +3D +Floor +Plans

Google Ads while having conversions tracking for transactions at the campaign level

The ad group that generated the sale showing no conversion???The ad group that generated the sale showing no conversion???

And, the above campaign is set for bidding to maximize conversions while conversions are linked to shopify transactions. Any idea why this would happen?? Where are my conversions going in Google Ads?


If you importing transactions from Google Analytics into your Google ads account. It does not happen in real time. There can be a 3 hour to even a 48 hour delay in seeing conversions in Google ads. Also Google Analytics and Google Ads track conversion differently, so there will never match up 100%. If you see one sale in Google Analytics, it does not mean you will see that sale in Google Ads or the sale will not be for the same day because Google ads track sales based on where someone clicked on the ads. Google Analytics tracks sales on the day it happens. So a sale today in Google Analytics could show up as a sale yesterday in Google Ads. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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