What's the best way to market your store?

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I opened a store a couple months ago, but due to other commitments, didn't have the time to invest in properly marketing it. Now I am ready to jump in with both feet, but am uncertain what is the best place to run ads, etc?

To date, really the only people who have seen my store are friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and those who might have seen the one Facebook ad I dabbled with. I am preparing a better Facebook ad as we speak, so hopefully that will drive more visitors to my store.

The name of my store is BallparkCulture.com and the products I sell are baseball themed graphic tees and other apparel. If anyone has any ideas on how best to market, I'd appreciate hearing them!


You have already started to move towards setting up Facebook, so start by setting it up correctly. Before doing this, develop a strategy for gathering a warm audience similar to the one reaching the key metrics in your store. The best way is to match people who are similar to those who buy from you. But in order for Facebook to start picking up such, Facebook needs to be taught that users have completed about 50 such goals. To do this, you need to attract a new audience, think about what targeting to use for this and try on a small budget. But also set up dynamic remarketing right away for those who viewed the product cards and for those who put them in the basket and did not buy an item. Once you have mastered Facebook, start expanding on Instagram. And at the initial stage, don't go to Twitter, use it when you have an average conversion rate of about 4% in the first two channels. Taking into account the monthly budget of 2000 - 5000 $.



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Hello @Trippypea50 i am using google ads in my side eCommerce activity.