What tools do you use for customer retention and acquisition using data science?

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Have any of you tried to implement plugins / custom extensions that uses a data science approach for automated customer acquisition and retention, things like:

  • Tracking customer acquisition cost by channel vs. lifetime value
  • Email marketing by individual purchase history
  • Email marketing by customer segmentation
  • Email marketing to customers that are at risk

Would be keen to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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Hey there.

I can't speak for any email marketing plugins/apps but I can for web push notifications. If you aren't familiar with web push - basically visitors can subscribe to your site with 1 click (no need for email/forms) and then you can send them notifications at any point to drive them back to your site. Very effective.

One plugin worth checking out is: https://apps.shopify.com/aimtell. Once adding it not only does it allow visitors to subscribe to your site but it has pretty great fantastic segmentation.

It automatically tracks:

  • Items purchased by visitor
  • Total lifetime value of customer
  • Geolocation
  • Pages Visited
  • Last visit date
  • And a ton more

So you can easily create a segment to find all users who have purchased a product, worth more than $100 but not visited your site in say 10 days and send them a notification to drive them back to your site. Pretty neat, huh? Definitely worth taking a look.


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Hey altitudelabs


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