Whats killing my conversions?

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We launched www.freshpawz.com on January 6th. It is doing OK, not terrible and not great. We are getting OK traffic, just now starting up a facebook ad's program with a budget of 800 per month.

But my conversions are low and Im not a fan of doing Sales. I'd rather depend on my wholesale outlets to move inventory before i start doing sales on my website. 

Just looking for advice to see if you may notice anything that could kill my conversions. I know my prices are a tad higher than most other dog accessory brands but my products are also higher quality. So im not willing to reduce the cost yet. I think if there was more traffic than it would increase my conversions. 

Last month i was at .5, currently sitting at .8. 

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Hi, Cargnoni! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Your store looks fantastic, and your pet clothes look really amazing. It feels like the new step forward, with dogs wearing “cool” clothing :) I love the video as well.

The CTA [call to action] could be stronger:



Few people will subscribe just to “stay up to date” - what is the real benefit for them if they were to share their email address? Usually a welcome discount code works well [it can be generated automatically] or other incentive.

The collection list looks great, but as I wanted to view dog bowls [accessories] I was shown some kind of tags, and the one featured dog bowl was sold out. It can be tad annoying for the visitors, so make sure to work on that.

The product page looks excellent, I love the quality images.

Normally, when a well-optimized website, with plenty of great products and decent traffic is not converting, is due to the quality coming traffic. It means that the traffic to your website is not coming from people looking to shop for your type of products. Make sure to analyze your marketing strategy, understand your target audience, work on converting keywords and acquire quality backlinks. Please learn more:

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Thanks so much for your input. I am changing the CTA on that right now.

Some items just sold out but I wil be bringing them back within 2 weeks.

Running some a/b tests and once more data comes in i'll be able to better analyze

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It could be your site speed. Check your product page in Google PageSpeed Insights. It says you can save 3.6MB (that's a lot) by compressing and resizing your images to proper dimensions.

You can use an image compression app like Crush Pics to automatically compress all your site images. Or you can use tinypng.com to do it manually.

For resizing your images, that's a matter of editing your Liquid code to serve up the proper/smaller image size.

Also, I'm seeing that product page is about 10MB total. Most product pages I see are typically around 2MB - 4MB.

Site speed affects conversion rate, so I would start there.

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Thanks Joe!

We are using crush app right now and working on getting those speeds down. Thanks!

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Hi there,

Your shop looks really fun! You have some really unique items for dogs! A couple suggestions that might help with your conversion rates:

  • As one user mentioned, you may want to check your site speed. Compressing your images will certainly help with that, and it sounds like you’re taking the necessary steps to make that happen with the Crush app. Remember, if your page does not load almost immediately, visitors to your site will tend to go elsewhere, making site speed extremely important.

  • You have a lot of icons linked to your social media at the top and bottom of your site, which is great, but you may want to list them in order of importance, or in order of which sites you are most active on. You can even try enlarging or highlighting the ones you are trying to gain the most traction to (I suggest Facebook, Instagram, and Email). This will help catch the eye of visitors and gain you more followers.

  • You mentioned that you are just starting out using Facebook Ads. This will be your biggest asset for boosting your conversion rate. If your site is already gaining decent traction, Facebook Ads will certainly help you advance your sales. Since you have a very specific target demographic, you want to make sure that your ads are being seen by the right people. Nothing wastes more time, and money (!), than exhausting your budget on ads that are being marketed to the wrong group. I suggest using a Shopify app called Pollen (https://apps.shopify.com/poln) to make sure that doesn’t happen. Pollen enables you to acquire customers on Facebook and across the web simply and cost effectively. Through powerful automation, Pollen offers an easy-to-use marketing platform that’s sole expertise is in driving sales.

Hopefully this helps you out! Best of luck to you and your shop!

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your site SUCKS in terms of conversions now i notice 2 areas, desktop and mobile so lets focus first on desktop

i am on the product page and your product (the thing that you wanna sell is BELOW the fold) same thing for the call to action, on top before i even reach the product 2 things pop, the reward program and the sign up on the right that took half of the screen and keep in mind so far i havent seen your product, so in reality ypou spend money on ads and you drive me away on top the more stuff your site become slower.

the header take alot of the screen space and you have it sticky (remove it as sticky).
the checkout page is UNOPTIMIZED- it has the paypal and amazon button in places that shouldn't been, zero trust and zero scarcity...

i ZERO exit intent on checkout or on product page, which essential people when they are about to leave you hit them with a better deal (This IS trully game changer and it can skyrocket you from 1% to 3%-7%+) supersalesbooster.com

on mobile it is slow, qand the sign up goes on top which it take space plus the user need to scroll alot,
again no exit intent or a way to convert a visitor to sale which it will only result in Ad spend loss

inside supersalesbooster.com we do store or checkout optimization and we give free review of the site showing exactly what and WHY some stuff needs to be changed, and in your case needs ALOT stuff redesign.


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I noticed you don't have reviews setup. That's a proven method for increasing your conversion rate. You can use an app like Judge Me (my go-to) to automatically email customers requesting review.

You can also get pictures, questions/answers, review carousels, and rich snippets (so you products show review count in google results).

People love reviews (just look at amazon :D)

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double post oops

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Hi Cargnoni04

Just come across this post,  had a look at your site, looks cool. In a good niche as well.

I presume that business has evolved and things are moving along, I would like to draw your focus to list marketing and specificially facebook messenger marketing. I see that you have 1000+ likes which is a  good start, the key is though to engage fans/subscribers and so I would suggest converting these likes to subscribers, so then you can direct message them with new offers/flash sales, draw them to new posts.

Having a sign up on your website that is a PAW SHAPED BIG BUTTON that requires a single tick or comment without having to leave your site and go to facebook is crucial. 

Tie this in with a rewards/loyalty program that awards points to people who share, then it could have some merit.