When to redo an FB ad

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Hello, so I just started advertising on FaceBook for me store, HappyCatLovers, happycatlovers.com and I started advertising for 1 day. 88 people have seen my add and not one of them has clicked it. Is that enough to tell me to redo my add or should I wait a little longer? Thanks in advance!

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You want at least 1000 impressions. You want to spend around $30 in testing and see if you get any sales, how much your link clicks cost etc. After 3 days then evaluate if the ad is a winner or not. If it's not pause it and try again. 

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Hi Nathan! I'm firmly with Craig on this one. At least 1000 impressions and at least 3 days of running is a decent barometer. 

I'm a major believer in A/B testing anyway. Run this ad. See how well (or not well) you do. Then run a radically different ad. Compare results. 

If you run, say, four highly different ads and accumulate 4000 impressions on them and none of these ads lead to sales (or even clicks)... then you should probably contact someone about doing marketing for your site. :P 

But yes. Give it time. Also, your site is cute! Just fix your "Contact Us" page. 

 Good luck out there! 


Hi Nathan:

Make sure that you are targeting well, maybe those 88 people are not interested on your products, that's why they didn't click (not because of the design of your ad, or maybe it is)



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1, May be you are Wrong from step choise customer

2, if not, your ad content isn't interesting,

-> find the error and work again again :D

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