Where to draw the line with Family & Friends?

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We recently launched our store (www.SnazzyBazaar.com) and have been promoting it moderately on our personal social media pages and via email & messages to our friends and family members.  It has generated a good buzz for us and all our sales so far have been through these personal promotions (versus the paid ads). 

I am wondering where should we draw the line and take it easy so that we don't alienate our friends and followers on our personal social media pages.  I have used my personal network before for crowdfunding (once for a film project & once for a medical emergency) and I worry that too much promotion for our store may also come across like a "call for help" when we are in fact selling a carefully curated selection of handmade works of art and home decor and looking to build a large business.

Any thoughts and/or other experiences regarding the use of personal networks to promote your brand or store would be appreciated!