Which Affiliate programs are you using and what results did they produce?

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I'm looking to sign up one of my clients for one of the  Affiliate programs avaible in the App store. There are a couple that have lots of reviews, but they all tend to be "This and this, was so helpful during setup.." , which is great to know, but it lacks in concrete feedback.  Nothing about actual effectiveness of those programs.

So I'm looking for some real life feedback / examples if you don't mind to share . Like " I signed up with App X" and it resulted in "10" affiliates in 10 days and brought 20 sales in the first month or first 3 months.  Something like that with concrete numbers.

Most of these affiliate programs cost money / monthly fee, and I want to avoid signing a customer up for something that won't work for them.

Thank you  
I would appriciate your feedback

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