Which one is better facebook or adowrds ?

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Hi again Julio Cesar!:

Glad to hear you, if you have any question or issue just contact me!

Hope it helps your store to grow!

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Hi Julio Cesar: my exprience is that adwords is a beter alternative in my field, selling alterntive therapy and corses services. I recognize however, that adwords requieres a los ox learning. in this sense, the company gives you an uncoparble support, but in a adwords dialect. In number, I have a good moeny return in what I spend in adwords. Requiees anyhow, to work permanently in your advertising, but this time is weel invested also.

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Hey Julio,

Not to be rude, but if you want to compare apples and oranges, this is a great question to ask...! Facebook Advertising and Adwords are two completely different beasts, and I would encourage you to use them in conjunction with each other. In my opinion and at a very base level:

Adwords is successful for us to advertise to customers who are further along in the buying cycle. They are searching for specific terms which is triggering our ads and then driving them to our store - they may not be ready to buy just yet, but they will soon be close. They are basically asking "Hey, is this available and where can I get it from?"

Facebook we use a) as a remarketing technique (i.e. someone visits your store, doesn't convert, you can serve them remarketing through Facebook ads), and b) as more of an awareness and branding tool. As you probably know, Facebook has cut the organic reach of posts significantly over the past while, and to get any results you have to sponsor your Ads and boost your posts to get any traction at all. Further, I am convinced their algorithm reduces your organic reach when key words like "Sale" or "Buy" or "Offer" are in the post text (they know you are trying to sell something). You can target Facebook ads, sure, but as opposed to Adwords, people on Facebook are coming across your Ad or your post in their News Feed, they aren't searching for you or your product. Sure, they MAY be interested, but the only way you will know for sure is as I mentioned above in a) where you remarket to past website visitors. For this reason, we find boosting posts that encourages intrique and builds our brand on Facebook works better for us, as opposed to selling directly on Facebook.

These are just my views for our company, and every company is going to be different (I do know a small amount of companies who advertise exclusively on Facebook, just because of the type of products they sell).

I would encourage you to use Facebook Ads and Adwords in conjunction with each other, and come up with a strategy and a mix that works for you and your company.


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 Here is an article I wrote comparing our experience using both platforms 





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Hi Julio!

I had the same question four years ago!

The answer (for my case) is Adwords. But it needs some time. Start with a low budget and begin increasing gradually. Not very often.

Of course, in my view, the answer "facebook or adwords" depends on the product and the service you sell. In my case, bookstore and publishing services cannot find the appropriate audience in facebook. On the contrary, I saw high rate of return in adwards (after some months), in twitter and instagram,

I hope it helps




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Hey Julio - 

As a conversion specialist I assume you are getting clicks but not getting sales? Would be interesting to see the ads your writing also, the catagory.

I would tell you that your site feels very busy, I have noticed sites that convert the best for facebook speciifc are ones that promote one product in a simple manner. 


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Please can you guys look at my site and tell me what you think. Can you also give me an example of things to write in my next ad.  www.zeesoutlet.com

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I'd recommend both strategies. I use Facebook ads and Adwords for my Shopify store. I have found that sending them to direct product pages, like this one makes a big difference. That way you are targeting your ads versus just sending them to the homepage. It might sound silly, but lots of people just link ads to their homepages!

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Both Facebook ads and Google AdWords complement each other. Use a tracking pixel to look at your metrics to dial-in your ads.

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Hi Julio Cesar,

Adwords & Facebook: both are different platforms and they have their own advantages. Main thing is, how do you manage it?

Adwords is always on top. It will drive targetted customers on your store. You need to setup adwords account properly. Need proper account setup and A/B testing. Connect Google Analytics and check analytics report. Based on it, change your ads, keywords, negative keywords etc...

Google Shopping: Try google merchant center as well.

Facebook is not too bad. Mainly facebook is used for branding purpose and its really important. Facebook will not give instant result but it will generate brand awareness on social media.

Organic SEO: It is must. It's long term process but it will give you good FREE traffic on your store.

I would suggest to follow below steps;

  • Check your website and resolve product images, description etc issues.
  • Add unique content on your website [Manage blog once in a week].
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Google Adwords & Google Shopping
  • Facebook Ads

I hope it helps. But if you are still unsure then please let me know.


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