Who is Roger and Barry from getinstafy.com?? Is he back up by Shopify??

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Ok, so I am doing some marketing research and learning how to maximize social media, and came across with this guys: Barry and Roger, what made me click on their "webinar" is that they say they are connected to Shopify. They are marketing an app/product called "getinstafy" that supposedly helps you to get tons of followers in Instagram and convert those into Shopify sales. They are even offering the Shopify templates as a bonus of their program. So I want to know if someone has ever heard of this Roger (and Barry) and if there are legit?

Thanks, Dani

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Everything about that squeeze page screams scam. From the image only content to the spurious claims on value. it looks like something right out of the bowels of the warrior forum. They could very well be signed up with shopify's affilate program but that doesn't bestow them with quality. You have been warned.

If your a serial entrepreneur and want more tools go ahead and burn the cash if your curious.

If your just starting out YAGNI, these schemes rely on you to take the first bite then keep upselling you possibilities and fantasies of revenue. Don't buy this crud because you want to avoid actual effort in building a business. There are real services that give you real tangible results.

#Noshortcuts , 

Get a shopify plan -> pick a theme -> brand the theme -> add products -> launch -> learn as you go<->iterate.

That money could be put towards actual value; for instance why not instead just pay yourself to dig through this very marketing forum and the feedback gallery to learn through the graveyard of others mistakes.

Or why not delegate by hiring a professional whose job it is to know these things which lets you run the business.

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