Why I need UCG (user generated content) ?

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Hi Community, 


Brand trust is something that we have all heard of and talked about but not all of us have achieved it. 

If used correctly, UCG is a great tool to earn people's trust and convert your traffic. 


We have come up with 7 Effective Types of User-Generated Content to Boost Your Brand Trust, here it is 



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Nice! I assume reviews are the number one for shopify store owners?


As a video app creator and shopper, I love the video review suggestion! When I'm shopping online (even on Amazon), I really don't know what I'm getting, so after a product video, I really like to see user videos because I feel like I can trust what I'm seeing. It's raw, unedited, often poor quality, but I feel like it has so much value when figuring out "is that product going to last" and "will it meet my needs?"


Nice article :) Thanks for posting.

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