Why email marketing matters

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Did you know that over 90% of customers chose to stay in touch with a business by opting-in via email newsletter rather than a social media channel such as Facebook? Nope. We didn’t either. But that’s not really that surprising either.

Email usage is constantly rising and we’re spending more and more of our waking minutes in our inboxes. It’s a vehicle that moves not only our personal lives forward but also our work lives. And when it comes to interacting with businesses online as a consumer, email is, simply put, king of the hill. We sign in with our email addresses, we create wish lists with them, we receive order confirmations with them, we keep track of shipment notifications with them, and when smelly stuff hits the fan, email drives the majority of our customer service experiences because everything else preceding it has been through your inbox at one point or another.

But what about businesses? What other advantages do email provide that other tools such as social media can’t or don’t? Why should businesses continue to leverage email (and enhance the email experience) when customers are becoming more acquainted to omni-channel support and service?

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