Why is my Facebook Ads CPC is so high? Around $15-17, with my product price being less than $20

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Hi, can anyone please help me sort this out. I am creating an audience on facebook, i usually go with conversion option, and set up my audience pretty well, like 1-1.5 million people, but as soon as i get into bis section and hit manual CPC, the system is showing me such high rates, that i am not able to afford. When i watch Youtube videos, people are showing screens and they've got like $0.3-0.9, somewhere around there, how come i am not getting the same? what am i doing wrong? and by the way, my niche is not so specialized and my products are not expensive, the most expensive one that i have is just 19.55, so it has nothing to do with product price.

Please give me an advice,

Thank You