Why my store in not selling?

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Hi There,

First, You have to know what is drop shipping and why your products are not sales 

What is Drop Shipping?

In drop shipping, the merchant doesn’t maintain any stock or inventory with themselves. Whenever the buyer orders the product from any of these drop shipping merchants, the merchant purchases the product from the third party and ships it directly to the customer. The merchant doesn’t handle or sees the product. Instead, he/she becomes the point of contact between the customer and the seller.
One of the main focuses of The E-commerce business is the order fulfillment process and that too on time. If you are not a manufacturer of the product then you need to find suppliers who can agree to list their products on your website. This process would help to lower down your initial investments that may include warehouses and humans for maintaining stocks and inventory. This method would fetch you lower profits as the product you are displaying on your website is not unique. Here choosing a proper supplier is important as it can pull more profits into your pocket.


More details about products sales

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Can u tell me how to boost more sales with my store www.ezosto.com
And I can’t utilize Facebook ads due to my account being disabled so I use Instagram youtube and Pinterest as my sales channel I I’ve done product on all my products and I know their are good products but if u can truly help me boost sales please let me know because I’ve been scammed 5 times by countless so called Shopify gurus I just need a straightforward answer to how I can get more sales.
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Glad you have asked such a straight forward questions in this forum. Now let me give you little advice on how you can increase your sales.


First, I would suggest you start running Google Shopping Campaign for your products

Second, start having SEO guru on board so that you can get enough organic traffic to your store in order to convert those to sales

Third, Facebook ads would be another best options to increase the sales but since, you said your account has been disable. I can perhaps help you with this but I will need some information from your end in order to help you get more sales.


what's your email ID so we can have discussion or Skype call where I can explain you how we can increase the sales together.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Thank you.


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I just found another way around it I just created a another gmail so I can
utilize that
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Hello can u contact me please at 5617209745 or email me at ezosto@gmail.com thank you I think I found a soultion