Will I be penalized in SEO because of many small collections caused by filters?

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I'm using an app to create filters on our website -- "Power Tools Filter Menu." When it creates a filter, it creates a new collection.

So we have refrigerators as one of our standard collections, and a filter for this collection would be "solid door" or "glass door". Thus there are now two extra collections: "Solid door" and "Glass Door.

These two collections aren't really something I would want people to find us through on Google. And I'm worried that Google will penalize us for having hundreds of these "filter collections" that aren't really proper collections. For example, some of these "filter collections" are very obscure and only have a few items, like "10 Cubic Feet". That might be useful for a filter, but not useful for a collection -- especially if Google is going to be penalizing us for it.

But I'm concerned that if we end up hiding these "filter collections" from Google then it will also affect our regular collections. When a filter is selected, the url becomes something like this: /collections/refrigerators/solid-door. So I wouldn't want "refrigerators" to be penalized because we hid "solid door" from Google.

I’d love for people to be able to find us on Google for “refrigerators” and for “solid door refrigerators” but not for “solid door.”

Or is my concern unfounded that we'll be penalized for having hundreds of small, obscure filter collections, and we could still be found for our major collections that users would go through more regularly? 

Here’s an example of one of are “real” collections with filters: https://ifoodequipment.ca/collections/commercial-reach-in-refrigerator

Here’s an example of one of our “filter” collections which ideally would never be seen by customers: https://ifoodequipment.ca/collections/solid-door