With all the glory stories we heard from FB ads results, why ours failed so far!

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We have heard so many success stories with facebook marketing. So we decided to give a try for our newly designed flosser. 

Here is the video we use for facebook advertising. We tried people interested in flossing (1MM) , mom interested in flossing, dentist, and 1% of the website visitors lookalike audiances, ran for 2 weeks now, burned $200 with no sales at all.   

We also use shoelace for retargeting, no results either. 

We feel our product can really help people floss, price is at $10, free return. 

What are we doing wrong?!!!

ZAEL LAB flosser makes flossing as easy as brushing teeth. http://www.zaellab.com
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Hi Eve,

What sort of traffic do you get to your website and what is the converstion rate. Is the ad effective at driving traffic to your site and people choose not to buy? Or is the ad itself not effective in generating clicks?

This is always a sensitive topic but with your Instagram having some many fake followers and being in the health industry it can really hurt your trust.

Who are your competitors? What makes them successful? How is their price compared to yours? 

Also your IG account has urine strips if you scrol down? How does that relate to teeth products? 


Hi Eve:

Some products does not work well with determinated SEM platforms, if you did not get result with FB ads maybe you should try Adwords, IG... I think that you product could suit well with Adwords.

If you want to give it a try here is our Adwords app: https://apps.shopify.com/cleverppc


Free professional Adwords campaigns: https://apps.shopify.com/cleverppc