Would LOVE your input and feedback - slow traffic and low sales on aged website. Thank you!

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Hey @ItsPersonalized , that is great to hear that you were able to add back the customization app! A couple of things I wanted to touch on here.

First, when you bring your website over to a new host, you do lose some of your "age credibility" but not all of it. There are ways to get back the credibility as well depending on how you handled the transfer. Google will index your new website after you submit the sitemap (which it looks like you have done) and you will begin to slowly see your numbers return to what you were seeing before, though not nearly as high.

Second, the most important item to address to increase your site traffic would be the site speed (especially on mobile). You can use Google's site speed checker found here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/. Google ranking is heavily dependent on mobile site speed due to the fact that over 70% of searches today are done on mobile devices. 

Finally, there are a number of keywords that you rank on the second page for that you could rank higher with some site adjustments. For example, you rank 11th for "baby's first christmas photo ornament" which is not on the front page and it has 200 monthly searches. With some minor tweaks, you could be on the front page of Google for that term!

If you have any questions, please message me. I work for GoFishDigital.com and would love to help however I can!

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Hey, @ItsPersonalized!

Thank you for your response. 

So, first of all, I'm a little confused. You said you've never done anything to drive traffic before. Did all of your customers come from Google searches? If so, you previously did an incredible job of your SEO which is pretty much unheard of because you tend to need traffic from other sources to boost your SEO (Google rewards websites with trustworthy traffic). I guess it's also possible traffic was coming from local customers who had your web pages saved. Did you have access to analytics on your old platform that would tell you where your visitors were arriving from? With marketing efforts, you are targeting certain people based on their interests or what they are searching for so if you have no idea where your visitors are coming from, it doesn't give us anything to work with, there's no way to see where you are going wrong. All customers come from somewhere, they didn't just stumble across your site. 

When you move your site from one platform to another, your URL's will change. Your domain is presumably still the same but other platforms have a different URL structure to Shopify. This means if Google is remembering old links and/or customer have old links saved in their browser or Pinterest or whatever, they are now going to dead ends or 404 error's now that the website doesn't exist. You can solve this problem with URL Redirects. If you have a lot of them, you can use an app such as Broken Link 404/301 Redirect. This can mitigate the "age credibility" issue you mentioned. You can also check out Replatforming SEO Strategies to Protect and Improve Your Rankings

You mentioned you had 799 visitors in a month. How many did you typically get before moving platforms? 

The rule of thumb is if you have less than 1000 visitors, you should be working at driving more traffic to your store. A conversion rate of less than 2% means you are either targeting the wrong customers or they are not having a positive experience when they arrive. 

When I was doing a test checkout, I noticed this popup: 


It was intrusive and got in the way when I was attempting the checkout. It would be enough to frustrate customers. I recommend you have one popup only on your store and make sure it is an exit popup that appears when your customers are leaving the site. Make it count. Either use it to grow your email list or grow your social media following. Either way, you are improving your marketing efforts. Your survey is a wasted popup opportunity. 

If you want to find out the experiences your customers are having while browsing your site, you can use an app such as Lucky Orange. It gives you opportunities to see recordings of your visitors behaviour to see where you are losing them. 

Even if you have 1000 visitors in a month, you can get a lot more than that if you focus on your marketing. I recommend you take the time to learn marketing strategies and write a marketing plan. We have free courses on Shopify Compass. New courses are introduced all the time but they include Instagram Marketing, email marketing, Facebook ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and more. This knowledge is essential for every business. 


Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Ways to increase slow sale and traffic on aged websites-

  1. Publish contents that go viral.
  2. Promote videos and blogs across different social media platforms.
  3. Republish old blogs or posts over LinkedIn.
  4. Retarget visitors through Facebook Ads.
  5. Organize podcasts for your brand.
  6. Promote your website with the help of famous bloggers.