Would You Use a Pay for Performance Advertising Model?

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Hi Shopify Users,

We are a few weeks out from launching a Shopify App that combines influencer marketing with affiliate marketing to drive sales. The app will do the following...

1, Allow you to approve influencers to promote and sell your products directly through their blog, Instagram and Facebook for a set commission fee.

2. Track traffic and sales made through all of your affiliates.

3. Easily communicate with and pay influencers for the sales they make.

4. Drive sales long after influencer marketing campaigns have ended by providing the influencers you work with the ability to promote and sell your products.

Questions for you...

Have you worked with influencers previously?

Have you used the affiliate marketing model before?

Would you be willing to pay commission on sales from influencers?

Would you be more likely to work with one influencer/affiliate at a time or would you be open to working with multiple influencers?

Email me at rachael@pixelshop.io if you are interested in being part of our beta test. Thanks!

Rachael@pixelshop.io Shoppable Instagram, Shoppable UGC & Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Platform Get our Shopify app! https://apps.shopify.com/pixelshop