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ATTN: This post is for those folks who are struggling on shopify and make money online

I have been in Internet Marketing since 2013 and have faced lots of failures, ups and downs and I know the feeling which you folks are going thru right now! TBH with you guys I was in the same situation and I struggled a lot, my dad was unemployed and I had to pay my college fee and also looking ways to support my family. I started with blogging and had little success which I wasn’t satisfied with, then I moved to SEO and made quick bucks here and there still no satisfaction.

One day while searching new ways to make money online, I came across shopify and jumped onto youtube to learn more about it. At that time I was aware with running fb ads and driving traffic to website, so I thought why not test it out! I quickly signed up for a free trial on shopify and used free theme to create my first store , uploaded few products and started running my first campaign and guess what I earned $78 in sales WOW I was so excited I still remember that day and this is what caught my attention and to make my full time income and a brand which I can literally sell for thousands of dollars.

Since then I have made my full time income from Shopify  using numerous techniques to drive traffic to my stores , sold many of my successful stores to invest in my knowledge , my other businesses,  paid my debts , bought my own car , my own house and most important I supported my family in bad times!

I have also been helping many clients from around the globe who were struggling to make money online.

Last year I opened up few spots to my “done for you shopify store program” which went quite successful , although I had very limited time but I supported my clients and all those who toke action are happy today and earning full time income!

I had already open up 100 spots this year , but only left with 30 now and its first come first serve!

So why do I call it a “done for you shopify store program” ?

The answer is because you get everything up and running , the store , niche selection , products , marketing channels , apps , email marketing setup ,social profiles setup, Pages setup and much more. But WAIT most of them might say its easy and I can setup my own, I agree this won’t take much time but most important part is sales and traffic , agree?

So the main work starts now , I’ll personally handle your store for 15-30 days and do all the marketing to bring in sales and traffic. Once the store gets consistent $50-$100/per day and good amount of traffic I’ll ask you to verify it using skype or teamviewer OR give you the logins to store. Once you satisfied that the store is getting sales and traffic , I’ll transfer the domain and store ownership with all the assets included with the store. So basically it’s a win win situation you don’t lose anything.  EXCITED?  See below what else you get in this program!

  • Brandable domain
  • Shopify store setup using my paid themes which cost me around $2k
  • Important Pages setup
  • Apps setup
  • Email Marketing campaigns setup
  • Niche Selection
  • Products Selection and adding them to store (I select only hot products not junk)
  • Full SEO optimization for store to get organic traffic from Google ( This is really imp if you want your store to sky rocket)
  • Auto fulfillment of orders using a third party app
  • Marketing Channels
  • Facebook ads blue print and setup
  • Social Profiles setup with followers ( I have a team who will manage your social profiles)
  • Secret marketing channels for sales and traffic which has generated around 100k in revenue in past year for my clients
  • 1-1 call with me on Skype to discuss anything about business (PURE VALUE)
  • And much more I promise you will not regret

                                               SOME FAQ’s

  • Why don’t you do this for yourself?

I have around 50+ stores running with my team and generating over millions in sales every single year. The purpose of this program is only to help you get started and make you money.

  • How much does it cost?

I bet very reasonable, that is why I have only few spots left

  • How can I pay?

You can pay via Escrow or Paypal whatever works for you

  • When do I pay full amount?

You only pay when you get the store ownership and you are satisfied with my work !

  • Is it guaranteed that my store will receive traffic and sales?

Yes , That’s my personal guarantee that store will receive at least $50-$100 in sales per day and even more but 50-100 is guaranteed and if I fail to deliver you won’t pay me a dime for that!


  • Okay , I’m interested how do I get started?

Shoot me an email at and I can put you on my list, I’ll be sending you a form to fill up and as soon as I get that we are good to start.

P.S. Below are few screenshots of my clients shopify stores

TAKE ACTION TODAY and change your life ! PM me if you have questions , happy to help