Your Feedback Needed for Free App idea

Shopify Expert
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Hey Shopify Community!

We already work with many of you and hope we can keep driving sales and traffic in the right direction!

Since we love the Shopify eco system so much, we're building a FREE app.

We need to address real issues you may have regarding online advertising, and need your help to guide us. 

A couple of ideas that we have so far:

1) A simplified Analytics dashboard. Showing you only the information you need to see as a site owner.

2) A more in depth reporting tool, to show you things like the "lifetime member value of your customers" so you know how much to spend on advertising and what sources give you the highest value.

3) A fully automated traffic acquisition app where you load your budget and marketing experts decide where to spend it. They would look to various platforms like Google search, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

What are your thoughts? Any other awesome ideas? What are your main issues when advertising online?